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Summer Research  Group Cookout

July 2014

< Dr. Brazel & Flory

Rhythm Shah, Punam Shah, Joanne Lee, Ritchie Scott-McCabe, Carson Perrella, Josh Moon >




ChBE Students and Professors at Randall Undergraduate Research Award Lunch

April 2014

Josh Moon, Samantha Tilson, Thomas Ludwig, Jason Bara, Michael Raddatz, Lindsey Cobb,

Heath Turner, Chris Brazel, John Kim, Shuwen Yue


Alex Paulsen Accepts Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award from UA President Judy Bonner

April 2013



ChBE Honors Graduates 2012

(Pierce Robinson, Ben Wygal, Candice Hovell, Carina Herz, Sarah Boyd,

Kyle Feagin, Madelyn Creekmore, Elizabeth Junkin)



Society for Engineers in Medicine (SEM)

(April 2011)



Biomaterials Day Meeting- Memphis

(January 2011)

Yaolin Xu, James Bennett, Amanda Glover, Soubantika Palchoudhury, Chris Brazel, David Dozier, DJ Outlaw, Yuping Bao, Sarah Boyd, Madeline Creekmore, Trent Beatty

(link to pictures)






Honors Day

(April 2010)

Amy Frees, Chris Brazel, Ynhi Thai






2010 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Randall Awardees

(April 2010)

Lauren Wintzinger, Cathy Randall, Ynhi Thai, Amy Frees




ChBE Pre-Med Trip to
Centennial Hospital, Nashville, TN

(April 2010 @ Dr. Cooper's House)

Centennial Hospital Trip- April 2010 Pictures





UK Fulbright Orientation and Forum

Glasgow, Scotland; London, England




Group Dinner (May 2008)

Kyle Fugit, Andrei Ponta, Dong-Hyun Kim,

Chris Brazel, Indu Ankareddi, Mary Kathryn Sewell, John Melnyczuk, Lauren Blue, Daisy, Johnathan Harris





2008 Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers

(April 2008)

Mary Kathryn Sewell, Dr. Chris Brazel, Dr. Cathy Randall, Kyle Fugit, Andrei Ponta, Ynhi Thai



"The Magazine Photo Shoot" October 2007

Kyle Fugit, Andrei Ponta, Lauren Blue, Arefeen Shamsuzzoha, Ynhi Thai, John Melnyczuk, Indu Ankareddi, Dong-Hyun Kim, Mary Kathryn Sewell, Chuanqian Zhang, Chris Brazel


Rafting on the Ocoee - June 2007

Linfeng Wu, Indu Ankareddi,

Dong-Hyun Kim, Chris Brazel

(our guide, Emily, and two Auburn fans)









Group Cookout- May 2007

Chris Brazel, Linfeng Wu, Dong-Hyun Kim, Alston Pike, Jeremy Pritchett, seated: Mary Kathryn Sewell, Rachel Jones, Indu Ankareddi







Biomagnetism Research Team- December 2005

Marla Hampel, Indu Ankareddi, Jennifer Phillips, Chris Brazel,

Dave Nikles; Seated: Hitesh Bagaria, Duane Johnson





Biopolymer Lab Group - October 2005


Mustafizur Rahman, Chris Cater, Linfeng Wu, Hugh Shoff, Marla Hampel, Aundrea Lollar, Indu Ankareddi, Chris Brazel





Biopolymer Lab Group- June 2004

Mustafizur Rahman, Hugh Shoff, Amy Armstrong, Ashley Armstrong, Indu Ankareddi, Chris Brazel, Daisy, Not pictured: Sharon Cody






Ionic Liquids in Polymers

Research Team - April 2004


John Holbrey, Chris Brazel, Hugh Shoff, Robin Rogers,

Marc Klingshirn, and Mustafizur Rahman





Biopolymer Lab Group- June 2003

Hugh Shoff, Chris Brazel, Daisy, Kristen Carroll, Patrick McCarty, Kelly Coleman, Brad McKinney, Wesley Reynolds, and Mustafizur Rahman.

Not pictured: Ashley Armstrong


Biopolymer Lab Group- May 2002

Chris Brazel, Brad McKinney, Xiao Huang, Mark Scott, Mustafizur Rahman, Mike Benton, Adria Roberts and Laurie Savoy


Biopolymer Lab Researchers- July 2001

Xiao Huang, Chris Brazel, Angela Thornton, Michael Stoltz, Brent Jones, Michael Benton, and Matt Garcia. Not pictured: Brigitta Chestang



Biopolymer Lab- Presenters at AIChE

November 2001, Reno, NV

Xiao Huang, Mike Benton, Chris Brazel Not pictured: Mark Scott






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