Alpha Epsilon Delta is UA's Pre-Health Honors Society dedicated to the encouragement and recognition of excellence in pre-professional health scholarship. We will have weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM in which guest lecturers will cover a wide variety of topics that will help better your understanding of the Health Care field and why you should enter it. We welcome ALL students engaged in the pursuit of a professional health career, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, and others. You do NOT have to be an initiated member to attend these meetings. For more information, please refer to the calendar on the homepage and the weekly e-mails sent by the Executive Board.

Please contact Katelynn Hillman at if you have any questions.

MCAT Program

AED will be offering a free MCAT course in Spring 2012, intended to serve as a supplement to those choosing to self-study over taking a Kaplan class. Sessions serving to build test-taking technique and reinforce content knowledge will be led twice weekly by fellow students who have already completed the MCAT. These sessions will follow a specific set of content areas each week (as outlined in the syllabus, attached below). It will be necessary to complete the homework laid out in the syllabus to prepare satisfactorily the class sessions alone are not enough. Studying for the MCAT is a large time commitment (roughly 10-15 hours/week) and should be treated as such. Accordingly, we strongly recommend scheduling a lighter course load during spring semester.

If you have any questions about the program or would be interested in becoming more involved in running the course, please contact Meg Apperson at

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This year, the goal of AED's shadowing initiative is not necessarily to individually provide students with shadowing opportunities, but to prepare each individual student in such a way that he or she can obtain meaningful shadowing experiences on his/her own. The AED officers believe the skills needed to obtain shadowing opportunities on your own as well as the initiative to do so play an integral part in becoming a successful medical school applicant and are here to help. Please see links and opportunities below! If you have specific questions, feel free to email Chelsea Turgeon at or Jason Wang at

Shadowing Workshop: We will have a shadowing workshop on (Date TBA) where we will address proper email etiquette, proper attire, and the overall do's and don'ts of shadowing. At this workshop, we will also have a student panel of upperclassmen eager to share some of their shadowing experiences and how they went about obtaining such shadowing experiences. All freshman and sophomores should most definitely attend!

USOM Shadowing Program: AED cannot provide individual shadowing opportunities for ever y AED member. Again, our goal is to prepare each student so that he or she can obtain shadowing experiences on his or her own. However, the University of Alabama School of Medicine has agreed to provide shadowing positions for priority students. If you are interested in shadowing at the USOM, please fill out the following application and complete the following HIPPA training. Your application and HIPPA training completion certificate must be submitted to by Tuesday, September 4th.

HIPAA Training

Shadowing Application

How to Obtain Shadowing Experience: Obtaining meaningful shadowing experiences is not as easy as it may seem. A lot of students are eager to shadow, but have no idea how to go about it and those that do know are often intimidated to follow through. However, we are here to help you gain the insight and confidence needed to seek shadowing opportunities and have prepared a PowerPoint with helpful tips below:

Want to Shadow

Other Helpful Links/Opportunities:

Explore Health Careers

SMDEP: The Summer Medical and Dental Education Program

The UA Career Center

The UA Volunteer Services Center

SHEP: Summer Program at UAB

DREAM: Summer Program at South Alabama

Alabama Department of Public Health


Alpha Epsilon Delta at the University of Alabama believes strongly in community service because of the benefits it provides the community, as well as the individual. In order to create more of a community among our AED members, we have decided to select a few organizations to be involved in. Among these include Big Brother Big Sister of West Alabama, the Rise Program, Red Cross, and Tuscaloosa's One Place. While any community service is encouraged, these are the organizations that we recommend and are most heavily involved in. In addition to these organizations, we will work closely with the University of Alabama's community service department.

Twenty hours of community service is required in order to be initiated. One should log their hours on the University of Alabama's community service log sheet, SLPro. This is an easy system to operate and is widely used to track community service hours throughout one's college career.

The main objective of AED's community service requirements is to promote involvement in the community. The primary purpose of a physician is serving others. There is no better way to serve others than volunteering one's time and talents. With this being said, the hours should not be the main focus while serving your community. Please contact Rachel Crutchfield at or Koushik Kasanagottu at if you have any questions.

Mentoring Program

UA's premedical advising staff, along with Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), UA's premedical honor society, has worked to create a student-led premedical mentoring program for qualified premedical upperclassmen to be paired with freshman mentees. This program was created out of a strong desire to allow premedical freshmen an opportunity to be exposed to the types of information and advice that premedical students are typically not familiarized with until much later in their collegiate careers. Through coordination with upperclassmen premedical students, alumni of Alabama who have gone on to medical school, and Alabama's premedical advising staff, mentees will become acquainted with an immensely beneficial set of resources (involving summer research and career activities, organizations, MCAT preparation, and lab research, among others) that can prepare students for a steady trajectory toward success in the medical school admissions process. While applying to medical school is inevitably a long process, it doesn't have to be grueling. Mentees who are selected will be required to attend bi-monthly meetings with upperclassmen mentors and other mentees. While the resources, both tangible and intangible, provided by this program will be significant, only apply for this opportunity if you are serious about actively engaging the path toward medical school. Please contact Emily Paulus at if you have any questions. The deadline to submit the application is October 9th.

Spring Break Trip

This spring break AED will be travelling to Nicaragua for a medical volunteer trip. Please contact Brantley Judan at if you are interested in learning more!

Diabetes Education Program

Diabetes Education Program - This is a program in partnership with UAB School of Medicine students dedicated to educating diabetes patients. The program involves teaching diabetes patients on how to care for their disorder especially diabetics in the rural areas who have minimal access to a physician. This group is looking for committed individuals to start the program in Tuscaloosa during the 2011 Fall Semester. It is not time intensive and is a great volunteer experience. To participate, contact Koushik Kasanagottu at