Professor Arun Gupta

MINT Professor; Distinguished University Research Professor


M.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology (1976); M.A., Columbia University (1977); Ph.D., Stanford University (1980).

Senior Research Chemist at the Allied Corp. Corporate R&D laboratory (1980-1985); Research Manager at IBM T.J. Watson Research Laboratory (1985 to 2003).

Office: 133 Bevill Building, 243B Shelby Hall
Telephone: (205) 348-3822
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Affiliations:Center for Materials for Information Technology


Representative Publications

Synthesis of Wurtzite Cu2CoSnS4 Nanocrystals and the Photoresponse of Spray-deposited Thin Films”, X. Zhang, N. Z. Bao, B. Lin, and A. Gupta, Nanotechnology 24, 105706 (2013)

Synthesis, Photoconductivity and Self-Assembly of Wurtzite Phase Cu2CdxZn1-xSnS4 Nanorods”, K. Ramasamy, X. Zhang, R. D. Bennett, and A. Gupta, RSC Advances 3, 1186 (2013)

Nanoscale Electroresistance Properties of All-Oxide Magneto-Electric Tunnel Junction with Ultra-Thin Barium Titanate Barrier”, G. Kim, D. Mazumdar, and A. Gupta, Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 052908 (2013).

Directed Self-assembly of CdS Quantum Dots on Bacteriophage P22 Coat Protein Templates”, A. Kale, Y. Bao, P. E. Prevelige, and A. Gupta, Nanotechnology 24, 045603 (2013).

Thermally Driven Spin and Charge Currents in Thin NiFe2O4/Pt Films”, D. Meier, T. Kuschel, L. Shen, A. Gupta, T. Kikkawa, K. Uchida, E. Saitoh, J.-M. Schmalhorst, and G. Reiss, Phys. Rev. B 87, 054421 (2013).

"Crystal Phase-Controlled Synthesis of Cu2FeSnS4 Nanocrystals with Band Gap around 1.5 eV", X. Zhang, N. Z. Bao, K. Ramasamy, Y-H. A. Wang, Y. Wang, B. Lin, and A. Gupta, Chem. Commun. 48, 4956 (2012).

"Syntheses and Magnetic Properties of Cr2Te3 and CuCr2Te4 Nanocrystals", K. Ramasamy, D. Mazumdar, R. D. Bennett, and A. Gupta, Chem. Commun. 48, 5656 (2012).

Microstructural and Ferromagnetic Resonance Properties of Epitaxial Nickel Ferrite Films Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition”, N. Li, S. Schäfer, R. Datta, T. Mewes, T. M. Klein, and A. Gupta, Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 132409 (2012).

Metal-Insulator Transition in Epitaxial VO2 Thin Films on TiO2 (100)”, X. Zhong, P. LeClair, S. Sorkar, and A. Gupta, Phys. Rev. B 86, 094114 (2012).

"Synthesis of Shape-Controlled Monodisperse Wurtzite CuInxGa1-xS2 Semiconductor Nanocrystals with Tunable Band Gap", Y.-H. A. Wang, X. Zhang, N. Bao, B. Lin and A. Gupta, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 133, 11072 (2011)

Colloidal Synthesis of Magnetic CuCr2S4 Nanocrystals and Nanoclusters”, K. Ramasamy, D. Mazumdar, Z. Zhou, Y-H. A. Wang, and A. Gupta, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133, 20716 (2011).

"Materials Design Using Genetically Engineered Proteins", L. Shen, N. Bao, Z. Zhou, P. E. Prevelige and A. Gupta, J. Mater. Chem., Advance Article (2011)

"Growth of Atomically Smooth Epitaxial Nickel Ferrite Films by Direct Liquid Injection CVD", N. Li, Y.-H. A. Wang, M. N. Iliev, T. M. Klein and A. Gupta, Chem. Vap. Dep., 17, 261 (2011)

"Barrier height and tunneling aspects in (110) CrO2 with its natural barrier", M. Pathak, D. Mazumdar, V. Karthik, X. Zhang, K. B. Chetry, S. Keshavarz, P. LeClair and A. Gupta, J. App. Phys., 110,053708 (2011)

"Electronic and magnetic structure of CrO2-RuO2 interfaces", K. B. Chetry, H. Sims, W. H. Butler and A. Gupta, Phys. Rev. B 84, 054438 (2011)

"Facile thermolysis synthesis of CuInS2 nanocrystals with tunable anisotropic shape and structure", N. Bao, X. Qiu, Y.-H. A. Wang, Z. Zhou, X. Lu, C. A. Grimes and A. Gutpa, Chem. Commun., 47, 9441, (2011)

"Fabrication of Ordered Nanostructures of Sulfide Nanocrystal Assemblies over Self-Assembled Genetically Engineered P22 Coat Protein", L. Shen, N. Z. Bao, P. E. Prevelige, and A. Gupta, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132, 17354 (2010).

"A Robust Approach for the Growth of Spinel Ferrite Thin Films", J. X. Ma, D. Mazumdar, G. Kim, H.  Sato, N. Z. Bao, and A. Gupta, J. Appl. Phys. 108, 063917 (2010).

"Epitaxial Film Growth of Chromium Dioxide by Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition using Chromium Carbonyl", J. Wang, M. Pathak, X. Zhong, P. LeClair, T. M. Klein, and A. Gupta, Thin Solid Films 518, 6853 (2010).

"Ferroelectric Properties of BiFeO3 Thin Films Deposited on Substrates with Large Lattice Mismatch", V. Shelke, G. Srinivasan, and A. Gupta, Phys. Status Solidi RRL 4, 79 (2010).

"Structural and magnetic properties of (100)- and (110)-oriented expitaxial CrO2 films", Chetry, K. B.; Pathak, M.; LeClair, P.; Gupta, A. J. Appl. Phys., 105, 083925 (2009).

"Formation mechanism and shape control of monodisperse magnetic CoFe2O4 nanocrystals", Bao, N.; Shen, L.; An, W.; Padhan, P.; Turner, C. H.; Gupta, A. Chem. Mater., 21, 3458 (2009).

"Magnetodielectric effect in Bi2NiMnO6-La2NiMnO6 superlattices", Padhan, P.; LeClair, P.; Gupta, A.; Subramanian, M. A.; Srinivasan, G. J. Phys,: Condens. Matter., 21, 306004 (2009).

"Size-controlled one-dimensional monocrystalline BaTiO3 nanostructures", Bao, N.; Shen, L.; Gupta, A.; Tatarenko, A.; Srinivasan, G.; Yanagisawa, K. Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 253109 (2009).

"Spin polarization in half-metals probed by fetosecond spin excitation", Mueller, G. M.; Walowski, J.; Djordjevic, M.; Miao, G.; Gupta, A.; Ramos, A. V.; Gehrke, K.; Moshnyaga, V.; Samwer, K.; Schmalhorst, J.;Thomas, A.; Huetten, A.; Reiss, G.; Moodera, J. S.; Muenzenberg, M. Natural Materials, 8, 56 (2009).

"Induced half-metallicity in Cr-based ferromagnetic chalcospinels with anion substitutions: CuCr2S(Se)4−xEx (E=F, Cl, Br), Cu(Cd)Cr2S(Se)4−x, and CdCr2S(Se)4−xDx (D=N, P, As)", Wang, Y.-H. A.; Gupta, A.; Chshiev, M.; Butler, W. H. Appl. Phys. Lett., 94, 062515 (2009).

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