Dr. Mustafa Ozdemir, Visiting Scholar
Professor at Marmara University, Turkey
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Jeremiah Abiade, Visiting Scholar
Professor at VirginiaTech
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Vilas Shelke, Visiting Scholar
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Manju L. Rao, Post-doctoral Scholar

Dr. Haizhong Guo, Post-doctoral Scholar
Researcher at Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Guoxing Miao
Professor at McMaster University, Canada

Dr. Prahallad Padhan
Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Dr. Ningzhong Bao, Post-doctoral Scholar
Professor at Nanjing University of Technology, China

Dr. Dipanjan Mazumdar, Post-doctoral Scholar
Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Physics Department of University of Alabama

Dr. Ning Li, Ph.D Student
Applied Materails

Dr. Yu-Hsiang A. Wang, Ph.D Student
AVP echnology, LLC

Dr. Jianxing Ma, Post-doctoral Scholar

Dr. Anup Kale, Post-doctoral Scholar

Dr. Vijay Sankar, Post-doctoral Scholar

Dr. Krishna Chetry, PhD Student

Dr. Liming Shen, PhD Student

Dr. Xiaoyan Zhang, Exchange Graduate Student

Dr. Cihat Boyraz, Exchange Graduate Student

Mr. Xinmin Qiu, Exchange Graduate Student

Mr. Hamza Dunya, Graduate Student

Mr. Muhammed E. Gulduren, Graduate Student

Mr. Changqing Pan, Master Student

Ms. Tsu-Mei Chen, Master Student

Mr. Brandon C. Landers

Ms. CharLe' R. Guyton

Mr. John A. Sherrill, Undergraduate Student

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