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Research Associate and Lab Manager

Dr. Laura Berkowitz

Laura Berkowitz

Our extraordinary lab manager and Research Associate, “Dr. Laura” is the glue that holds the Shack together. Following undergraduate work at Bucknell University and receipt of her doctorate in molecular biology at the prestigious Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and SUNY Stony Brook, Laura entered the elegant field of C. elegans research as a postdoc with Susan Strome, then at Indiana University, and continued on to be a professor at The University of Tulsa, before worming her way to the Shack to share in our interests in using worms to study neurological disorders. As long as Laura, a SciFi-a-holic and life-long Trekker, is on the case, we know the Shack will certainly “live long and prosper”!

Postdoctoral Research Scientists

Dr. Yilong Shu

Yilong Shu

Dr. Xiaohui Yan