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2013-14 UA Student Employee of the Year Award Winner and Finalists
L to R: Lizzie St. Clair, Gus Arndt, Tyler Williams, John Michael Ikard (Not pictured: Jayme Allen)


The Department of Human Resources congratulates Tyler Williams, winner of the 2013-14 UA Student Employee of the Year Award.

Tyler works as Graduate Student Assistant for the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness, where he is responsible for the conception, development, and execution of Project 180 ( – a wellness program that identifies and connects 18 faculty and staff with group training and health guidance over a course of 18 weeks – with the ultimate goal of improving overall fitness and wellness status.

In addition to demonstrating valuable leadership in numerous Health Promotion and Wellness programs, Tyler’s dedication to the University’s agenda of improved health and well-being for faculty, staff and students is also shown with his involvement with the Exercise Physiology Club, as well as his commitment to mentoring, nurturing and building skills of interns, undergraduate students, and over 200 nursing students who are engaged in WellBAMA programs and services.

We asked Tyler to share some of his insights about working as a UA Student Assistant.
Q: Why did you choose to work while in college?

My wife Hannah and I got married three months before moving to Tuscaloosa.  We decided that it would financially be best for our family if I worked while attending school.  Shortly thereafter, I was blessed with an opportunity to work for the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness.

Q: What do you like best about being a UA student employee?

I take what I learn in the classroom and get to apply it on a daily basis.  The knowledge that I have gained on health, exercise, and nutrition, has allowed me to bring value to the programs we offer.  This position has allowed me to meet many interesting employees throughout the university.  Each day, I get to live out my passions of helping others set and exceed their health and fitness goals. 

Q: What has been your biggest challenge as a student employee?

The biggest challenge has been time management.  Throughout the day, many areas fight for my time.  Managing my time has been crucial to make sure that I stay on top of my schoolwork, perform well in my work environment, and are able to spend time with my wife and friends.

Q: How has working as a student employee prepared you for the future?

This job has introduced me to a wide variety of environments.  As a graduate assistant, I have served as a health coach, personal trainer, presenter, researcher, writer, and event coordinator.  Each role has helped me develop skills that will make me successful in my future endeavors.

Q: What are your plans for after graduation/future?

After graduating, I want to be in a position to continue to educate others in the area of health, fitness and nutrition.  Whether in an academic setting or another platform, I want to be able to provide evidence-based information to individuals seeking to improve their health and fitness.

Q: Any advice for other students that plan to work while in college?

Being able to work while in college has been a blessing for me.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.  My advice would be to ask yourself each day, “What can I learn today at my job that will prepare me for the position that I hope to have 5, 10, or 20 years down the road.”  If you strive to serve others and make a positive difference in the people you encounter, you will have a successful experience at your job


Tyler was recognized for his achievements along with all the nominees at a luncheon on Tuesday, April 15.  He was presented with a $500 award from the Department of Human Resources, a merchandise certificate from the UA Supply Store, and a class ring provided by Balfour. He also represented UA in the southeast regional-level Student Employee of the Year competition.

The following student employees were also selected as Finalists in the 2013-14 competition; each received a $100 award from the Department of Human Resources.

  • Jayme Allen – Resident Advisor of Mediation,  Housing & Residential Communities
  • Gus Arndt – Graduate Student Assistant, Culverhouse School of Accountancy
  • John Michael Ikard – Undergraduate Student Assistant, Student Involvement and The Source
  • Lizzie St.Clair -  Graduate Student Assistant, Gorgas Information Services


This year, 54 UA student employees were nominated by their supervisors for demonstrating exceptional reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism, and for making a unique contribution to their departments and The University of Alabama. Congratulations to all the nominees!

2013-14 UA Student Employee of the Year Nominees

  • Jayme Allen, Housing & Residential Communities
  • Taylor Armer, CCIS Dean's Office
  • Gus Arndt, Culverhouse School of Accountancy
  • Dorothy Beck, Ferguson Center Student Union
  • Katherine Blackburn, School of Law
  • Adam Bonertz, Center for Community-Based Partnerships
  • Georgia Bonds, Gorgas Library
  • Laura Boothe, Engineering Student Services
  • Chelsey Broxton, UA Museums
  • Cortez Burney, Capstone Village
  • William Busby, Instructional Tech & Academic Services
  • Eric Dixon, Office of Research
  • Sean Edwards, Housing & Residential Communities
  • Maureen Flint, Housing & Residential Communities
  • Taylor Ford, Information Systems, Statistics & Management Science
  • Anna Forrister, Housing & Residential Communities
  • Courtney Gage, Athletic Photography
  • Kaitlin Goins, Professional Development & Conference Services
  • Alexandra Goolsby, Gorgas Library
  • Robert Gourlay, Gorgas Library
  • Byron Hall, Supply Store
  • Elizabeth Haley, Chemical & Biological Engineering
  • Reid Halliburton, Housing & Residential Communities
  • Samuel Hand, Center for Academic Success
  • Jonathan Harris, eTech College of Arts & Sciences
  • Arielle Hurst, Office of Greek Affairs
  • Martha Hutchinson, University Recreation
  • John Michael Ikard, Student Involvement/Source
  • Viktor Johnson, Supply Store
  • Tera Johnson, Center for Community-Based Partnerships
  • Sky Johnson, School of Social Work
  • Rebecca Jones, Student Health Center
  • Antwon Key, Center for Community-Based Partnerships
  • Emily Lakey, Supply Store
  • Katie Lansford, Gorgas Library
  • Amie Lemley, Facilities Maintenance
  • Ashley Loftis, Center for Community-Based Partnerships
  • Stephanie McNeal, Housing & Residential Communities
  • Amanda Munyon, Brewer Porch Children's Center
  • Michael Oakley, Supply Store
  • Catherine Perez, Career Center @ Culverhouse
  • Allison Reid, Early College
  • Everett Secor, Arts & Sciences Dean's Office
  • Kymberlee Sherrell, Housing & Residential Communities
  • Jacob Smith, Gorgas Music Library
  • Tyler Speegle, eTech College of Arts & Sciences
  • Lizzie St. Clair, Gorgas Library
  • Aubrey Stewart, Graduate School
  • Kimberly Stone, Student Health Center
  • Logan Thomas, Housing & Residential Communities
  • Gabrielle Unbehaun, Housing & Residential Communities
  • Jacqueline Webb, School of Social Work
  • Tyler Williams, Health Promotion & Wellness
  • Victoria Williams, Bruno Business Library

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