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2013 Student Employee of the Year


Luke Colburn

Congratulations to Luke Colburn, winner of the 2013 UA Student Employee of the Year Award..


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Supervising Student Assistants

Supervising Student Assistants requires mentoring, direct communication, and guidance. Supervisors can help students make the connection between what they learn in the classroom and what they learn on the job. While working on-campus, student employees not only earn income that helps them finance their education, but also learn new skills, build their resumes, and make valuable connections within the University.

The UA Office of Student Employment works to provide Supervisors with efficient and effective service for Student Assistant recruitment, applicant review and selection, and student and supervisor training. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Office of Student Employment at 205-348-4354.


Student Assistant Orientation and Training

New Student Assistant orientation is an important element of the student employment recruitment and retention process. Orientation helps Student Assistants feel welcome, and aids in adjusting to the job and workplace environment.

The UA Office of Student Employment offers New Student Assistant Orientation sessions that review general standards and expectations for performance as well as basic policies and UA standards of conduct. Click here to review the current Student Assistant Training Schedule.

Each department should also develop an orientation for new Student Assistants that explains general office procedures, emergency procedures, workplace expectations, how to report hours and the unique duties of individual areas.


Student Assistant Hours, Time Reporting and Payroll

Effective Fall 2013, Student Assistants may work a maximum of 20 hours per week during Fall and Spring terms. Student Assistants may work up to 40 hours per week during the summer and academic year break periods. These limits apply to the total hours worked for all combined on-campus jobs.

As a Supervisor, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the hours your Student Assistant has worked are submitted and approved. Please discuss any specific department policies about time reporting with your Student Assistant. Contact the HR Service Center at 205-348-7732 for questions regarding approval and time reporting, or any other payroll form or process.

The bi-weekly payroll is processed every other week with payday on Fridays. Direct deposits are available on payday. Time cards for bi-weekly employees must be submitted to Rose Administration, room G69, on the Friday before the week of payroll processing. Time cards that are turned in after the deadline will result in late pay to the employee(s). If you have questions regarding the bi-weekly payroll, please call the HR Service Center at 205-348-7732 for assistance. If you are calling regarding a specific employee, please have the employee's CWID or social security number available.


Student Assistants and Confidentiality

During the course of employment, some Student Assistants may have access to confidential student or University information. At no time are student employees to use their on-campus position to access personal University or student data for any reason unrelated to work assignments, nor are they to share such confidential information with those outside the workplace. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action up to or including termination from student assistant employment. The form below should be used to help explain the importance of The University's Confidentiality Policy, and signed by the Student Assistant.

Confidentiality Statement for Student Employment (


Student Employee Relations

The Department of Human Resources partners with UA staff and managers to provide professional guidance and consultation on employee relations issues and the employment policies of The University of Alabama. Contact your HR Partner for recommendations to resolve student employment related issues and to provide guidance on the administration of evaluations, progressive counseling and discipline when appropriate.


Supervisor Training

The Office of Student Employment provides training for Student Assistant Supervisors. Basic training sessions are offered each semester for new supervisors covering topics such as job posting, job descriptions, hiring process, paperwork, Student Assistant evaluations, corrective counseling, and how to supervise and motivate students. Click here to review the current Supervisor Training Schedule.