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2013 Student Employee of the Year


Luke Colburn

Congratulations to Luke Colburn, winner of the 2013 UA Student Employee of the Year Award..


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Hiring and Supervising Student Employees -
Frequently Asked Questions


How do I hire a Student Assistant?

  • Create a job description that includes the job responsibilities, minimum requirements, salary/wage information, job open/close dates, and job start date.
  • Post the job on the UA Student Recruitment jobsite:
  • Review applications and choose students for interview.
  • Once interviews are complete and a hiring decision has been made, notify UA Office of Student Employment to update job status.
  • Within 3 days of start date, ensure completion required paperwork (see Forms & Policies) and submit to HR.
  • Send your new Student Assistant to Orientation and Training.

What are the benefits to students who choose to work on-campus?

Having a job on-campus connects students with faculty, staff, and other students who may help them adjust to life at UA. Students perform better academically and are more likely to remain in school if employed on campus. Work experience is also helpful when interviewing for a career position after graduation. Also, there is no FICA withheld for student assistant employees. This can add over $.50/hour to a student's paycheck (minimum half-time status required).


Which students are eligible for on-campus employment?

On-campus jobs are available only to students who are currently enrolled and meet eligibility requirements at The University of Alabama. It is the responsibility of the hiring department to ensure that student employees meet and maintain enrollment and eligibility requirements during employment.
In order to participate in Student Assistant Employment, students must be enrolled in a degree-granting program at UA and be registered for a minimum number of classes for the semester in which they are working:

  • Undergraduate students must be enrolled for least 6 credit hours
  • Graduate Students must be enrolled for at least 4.5 credit hours
  • International Students must be enrolled for at least 12 credit hours (full time)
  • Graduating Students in final semester have no minimum enrollment requirement

Tips for Ensuring Eligibility:

  • Ask students for a copy of their schedule at the beginning of each semester to ensure they are enrolled in the required number of credits
  • If your Student Assistant drops a class, make sure they are still eligible for work on-campus

How many hours can Student Assistants work?

Effective Fall 2013, Student Assistants may work a maximum of 20 hours per week in on-campus positions during Fall and Spring terms. Eligible students may apply for and work more than one student assistant position, however, both hiring departments must be notified and the work hour limit is inclusive of all positions worked on-campus. For example, if a Student Assistant works 10 hours per week in one position, he/she may work only up to 10 hours week in another.

During semester breaks and summer semester, Student Assistants (including international students) can work up to 40 hours per week.


Can Student Assistants work full time over spring/summer/winter break?

Yes. All Student Assistants, including eligible International Students, may work up to 40 hours per week during The University's spring, summer, and winter break periods. Your Department's needs and budgetary constraints should be considered before offering additional hours.

My Student Assistant is graduating this semester; can they continue to work to complete an assignment?

Once a Student Assistant has completed the requirements for graduation they may not work in a student position after their graduation date. If your Student Assistant is needed to complete an assignment, they may be transferred into a temporary staff position. Contact your HR Partner for approval for this process.


Are Student Assistant jobs the same as Work Study?

No. Student Assistant jobs are hourly jobs funded through UA departmental budgets, and eligibility is not based on financial need. Work Study is awarded to students based on financial need, as part of a financial aid package, and cannot be posted on the UA Student Recruitment Jobsite. Questions regarding financial aid packages and work study employment should be directed to the UA Office of Student Financial Aid at 205-348-6756.


Who should I contact if I have questions?

Call the UA Office of Student Employment at 205-348-4354 or email