Edmonds Lab

Ecosystem Ecology


Lab Members

Lab Members

Current members of the lab have developed a strong, collaborative group of researchers dedicated to supporting and furthering one another’s research goals through teamwork and respectful communication.

Jennifer Edmonds

Faculty mentor


Elise Chapman– PhD student

Elise is a PhD student (Dec 2013 graduation date).  Her project focuses on controls on river metabolism and N cycling in the Cahaba River.



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Phil Lee– PhD student

Phil is a PhD student (began Aug 2012).  His work focuses on linking microbial community structure and ecosystem function, particularly the role of microbes in maintaining resilience in N cycling processes. 


Jamie Galloway– PhD student

Jamie is a PhD student (began Jan 2011).  Her work focuses on metabolism and N cycling in urban streams as it relates to elevated runoff temperatures.


Former Undergraduate Researchers


Julisa Clark, Summer 2013

Matthew Baxley, Fall 2011-Spring 2013

Kaylan Gee, Fall 2009-Spring 2012

Josh Dotson, Fall 2009-Spring 2012

Landon Mueller, Spring 2010-Spring 2012

Elizabeth Earnstberger– Summer 2012

Grace Hoover, Fall 2010-Spring 2011

Susan Jozefiak, Spring 2010-Fall 2011

Ronneshia Jackson, Fall 2010-Summer 2011

Donald Andrews, Stillman College, Summer 2011

Jennifer Strawbridge, Spring 2011

Kirsten Ansorge, Fall 2009-2010

Eric Klopack, Fall 2010

Courtney Dragiff, Fall 2010

Ben Wilson, Fall 2010

Julie Jarnigan, Spring 2009-Spring 2010

Rocio Rueda, Fall 2009-Spring 2010

Lara Self, Spring 2010

Kerry Cannon, Spring 2008-Spring 2009

David Agee, UA graduate, Fall 2008- Spring 2009

Lakeisha Lockhart, UA freshman, Fall 2008- 2009

Brittany Greer, UA junior, Spring 2009

Kimberly Hamrick, UA sophomore, Spring 2009

Corianne Tatariw– MS student

Corianne is currently at the University of Maine completing a PhD. 


Former Graduate Students


Mindy Russo, June 2013-present

Rebekah Hoppis, Aug 2013– present

Clinton Erwin, Aug 2013– present


Current Undergraduate Researchers