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ä About Our Service Project

Our service project is The Hope Clinic. It is a volunteer organization for AIDS patients where they can go to receive food and other necessities. They also have access there to medical advice. With this organization, we have the opportunity to contribute in many ways. We take donations of non-perishable items, clothing, and toiletries. For Christmas we prepared and wrapped care packages to deliver. The volunteer Dietitian at the Hope Clinic, Mrs. Julia Hayes, is a wonderful lady who cares a lot about students and gives us the opportunity to get hands on experience counseling patients with AIDS. This has been a great service project for us because since AIDS has critical nutritional implications, we are not only getting to meet a need in our community but we have the opportunity to learn a lot as well!

ä Other Projects

Nutrition Talks

Last year as part of our effort to increase awareness of the SDA and good nutrition practices, we volunteered our services to campus organizations to come and give informational sessions on nutrition. We gave talks to dorms, sororities, athletes, etc. on everything from eating disorders to sports nutrition to healthy dorm cooking! As you can imagine, this was an excellent experience for us. It allowed us to polish up our public speaking skills as well as learn to answer spur of the moment questions. It was a lot of fun and we plan to do it again next year!


National Nutrition Month

For National Nutrition Month we did several projects. We helped out at a local hospital's Health Fair. We set up a booth at the on-campus recreation center and calculated body fat as well as answered health questions. We set up a booth in the on-campus food court to answer nutrition questions, calculate the nutrient content of their meals, provide information on the nutrient content of all the foods in the food court, and calculate students' energy requirements.

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