CH 424

Instrumental Analysis


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The reason all this is interesting...

Consider the painting by Arthur Hughes entitled “Fair Rosamund” (1854). This is an important piece for (at least) three reasons: 1) it’s real pretty; 2) the subject is historical: Eleanor of Acquitaine finding her husband’s (King Henry II) mistress Rosamund in a secret garden (OK, maybe only I find that part interesting...), and 3) for us the most important, the fact that the painting is so striking because of the new oil-based paints made by the chemists of the 19th century. Particularly note the electric greens and purples. These were simply not available to earlier artists. The chemistry behind these paints led, in part, to the development of spectroscopy as a discipline.


The purpose of this course is to provide students with knowledge of various modern methods of instrumental analysis in order to prepare them for industrial or academic careers. The course stresses quantitative rather than qualitative analysis, since this aspect of many of the techniques is covered in other chemistry courses. The material presented and the depth of treatment are intended to adequately prepare students for the ACS Graduate Placement Examination in Analytical Chemistry (Instrumentation) upon entry to graduate school. Additionally, students will receive instruction on the basics of scientific report writing.

 Class Information

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General class information

Current course syllabus

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Atomic Emission Spectroscopy: Analysis of Na

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy: Analysis of Hg

Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Analysis of Al

UV-Vis Spectroscopy: Analysis of Fe

UV-Vis Spectroscopy: Analysis of a two-component mixture

Qualitative FT-IR Spectroscopy: Analysis of unknowns

Quantitative FT-IR Spectroscopy: Analysis of mixed xylenes

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy: Analysis of Fe by GF-AAS

GC Experiment: Grob test and column performance

GC/MS Experiment: Analysis of BTEX

NMR Experiment: Analysis of trichloroethanes

Other Laboratory Information

Sample Preparation for IR

GC Column Testing: Grob test

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Diffraction gratings


Statistical Analysis: Standard regression analysis

Statistical Analysis: Standard additions method

Statistical Analysis: The t-Test

Statistical Analysis: The Q-Test