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General Meeting Meetings are every week on Thursday at 7:00pm in Lloyd Room 202. Contact Anna Turkett for more information.

Get Involved - Behind The Scenes
Get Involved - At The Frontlines
Grow Within - Conferences and Challenges

  • Executive Committee - is in charge of all logistics, communications, and general planning for the organization. Contact Anna Turkett.
  • Fundraising and Arts Awareness Task Group - is in charge of general fundraising, public relations, and advancing the artistic growth of the organization. Contact Mallory Flowers.

  • Sustainable Food Committee - local, ecological, humane, and fair. Food needs to nourish you while it fills you at the same time. It's easier when you're off-campus, but what about those who live on-campus? The SF Committee is dedicated to expanding sustainable food to the campus community. They also frequent our local community garden and nearby farms! Contact Olivia Bensinger.

  • Conferences - The members of UAECo actively participate in multiple regional and nationwide conferences and trainings. These include, but are no limited to: PowerShift, SPROG, SSREC, and much much more!

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