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By: David Orange, Jr.
Revised (1996): James B. Collier

This page has been temporarily removed.


Mr. Orange has expressed some concerns that opinions expressed in my 1996 revisions of the history might mistakenly be attributed to him, when, in fact, they reflect my understanding of the state of things in 1996.  It hardly need be said that the history of Yoseikan Budo had advanced some distance since the mid-1970's when the first version was written, necessitating some revision.  Although I intended to honor him by acknowledging his part in the creation of the history, all opinions expressed in the revision should be considered to by mine.  Although USYBA believes itself to hold the copyright to said history and it was produced by a member of the organization for the organization, neither I nor any member of the USYBA has intended to give Mr. Orange any offense.  Therefore, I have removed this text as requested and have offered the current clarification as a retraction of any perceived misrepresentation. Hopefully, I will be able to replace it with a new history, drawing on the many published sources on the development of Yoseikan Budo, not least the excellent history which appears in more recent edition of the manual for students, written by Mr. Palmer Cramer and his associates. As difficult as it sometimes seems to achieve, my goals in studying and teaching the martial arts have always been guided by Ueshiba O-sensei's teaching regarding universal harmony and Kano Sensei's maxim of mutual benefit.  I am optimistic that the current situation can be resolved consistent with those principles.

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