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The Techniques of Yoseikan Budo

Because Yoseikan Budo is an extremely broad style, drawing its techniques from aikido, judo, jujutsu, karate and kobudo, it is almost impossible to present an exhaustive list of included techniques. However, the general instructional program of the Yoseikan captures a good deal of the richness of the art. It is hoped that the instructional material available here will grow in richness over time; as with Yoseikan Budo itself, it will probably remain forever a work in progress.

A General Outline of Yoseikan Budo


Basic Skills


Formal Demonstrations of Yoseikan Aikido

Tai Jutsu

Body Techniques

Ne Waza

Ground Techniques


Free Practice

Iai Jutsu

Sword drawing techniques

Ken Jutsu

Sword techniques

Bo Jutsu

Long staff techniques

Note: The structure used to organize the technical material on this site is based substantially upon the Yoseikan Budo Program as revised by Dr. Glenn Pack, renshi, Technical Director for the U.S.Y.B.A.

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